Screen & Storm Doors

We can’t find a wooden screen or storm door down the retail pipeline that’s good enough for us to sell, so we make our own. With all of the odd-size doorways around town, we can adjust the size more easily this way.

  • Although we build the doors square, most doorways are not. Even though they are built to size, there is normally some trimming or shaving here or there that still needs to be done.
  • After fitting the door, finish it on all sides, especially on the bottom edge. A good quality primer and paint is the best. If you would like a clear finish, we recommend going to a marine store, such as Tony’s Marine Supply, and getting the same finish you would use on a wooden boat. Regular urethane does not hold up around here and stain is not a sealer. Alternatively, it is possible to use a penetrating oil finish like Australian Timber Oil, which we have available here.
  • Wood is wood. Color and Grain can vary from batch-to-batch and board-to -board. Imperfections are considered character.
  • We do not take measurements. We build the doors to the sizes that we are given by the purchaser or installer.
  • We are neither licensed nor insured to do any installations off of Cape May Lumber property. However, we have a list of local contractors who are more than capable to install your screen door for you.

Please call or stop into the store for availability.




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